We are very excited to partner with three well known and reputable universities of Cote d'Ivoir to send their most motivated and best grounded students to participate in the CCMC '21 San Pedro. 



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Social Challenge:

Which social or sustainability challenge would you like to have addressed at the #CCMC? Think of specific problems that you care about, that affects numerous stakeholders who then would benefit from the solution that would be developed during the CCMC. Try to be as specific as possible. 

Describe the challenge and why you care:

Who are the stakeholders?

Please upload:  A photo of you 

(doesn't has to be a passport photo)


Why is it a problem?

For the event, it is important that teams are equipped to work and communicate. Please let us know, do you have:

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Are you a student? Do you want to work in a team with fellow students to find a solution for a social challenge in San Pedro area? You will learn how to innovate the way Google and thousands of organizations around the world innovate. We will guide you and your team through a 2-week Design Sprint, where you will empathise with the challenge and the stakeholders, dig deep to connect with your creativity, learn how to prioritize and develop and test a prototype of the solution.



Who are we looking for?

  • 3rd and 4th year students of one of the participating universities

  • We look for students who are great creative thinkers, who are curious to learn, who are excellent communicators, who can persuade others and who have the grit to persevere, even when the going gets though. And above all that, we are looking for students who are determined to make the world a better place.  

  • Of course we want an even distribution of men and women.



Are you keen? Please fill in the application form below and read more about the Selection Process

Selection process & timings: 

  1. Apply via the form below - application closes 7th of May

  2. Applicants who qualify are invited to do an online assessment from 10th of May till 6th of June

  3. All applicants receive their results and update on the selection:

  4. Selected students are onboarded, grouped in teams and matched to a challenge:   

  5. Start of #CCMC '21 San Pedro Innovation Hackathon